Why 'HerbGals?'

WHY HerbGals?


It's been a lifetime, or so it seems.. I can't recall a time that I wasn't enthralled with the magic of the green world. Of course, there was life "before herbs" (lol) but definitely over the last 30 years, I've been increasingly enchanted by all things "healing herb". I have seen clients, made medicine, made 100s of products ~ got up before dawn to go to markets, opened a brick + mortar store in my community.. more products (we made 150+ at one point) where my partner and I created an herb sanctuary in behind the shop from a disgusting needle strewn, garbage dump of a yard. I taught classes every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning and was an active community herbalist. There is more.. but where am I going with this rambling walk down memory lane?

In all of my beloved career, the most memorable moments ~ with clients, friends, students, workshop attendees and family?

That moment of clarity when a particular or specific 'however small' piece of info.. hits home, and a light goes on.. the 'aha' moment... the face lights up.. the energy shifts.


The individual is forever changed. No it's not always a huge revelation but these experiences add up, each building on the next, and whether it is a simple moment or many such moments, it's magic.

With the pandemic and the latest "C" word, life has changed in small ways or large, for us all. In my case, my home in the city of Toronto, was without a doubt, a place that spent the better part of 2 years in' lock down'. There were several periods of many months where the only people I saw, outside my own tiny family, were the folks at the grocery story or local pharmacy.

 I confess that it has been a difficult time on many levels for me personally but I am jubilant to report that we have arrived "here" in good health.

It has been on my mind for a very long time, to create a simple but meaningful "vehicle" to bring together interested souls from around the world to create a community devoted to sharing the wonders of the herb world ~ something affordable, do-able for the majority of folks ~ Uplifting in nature and filled with good cheer ~ a place to be 'whatever' to each participant.

If one has always wanted to know more about herbs but hasn't had the time for a formal course, or if one really wants to feel more self-reliant within their own family or one is craving

a light-hearted exchange of ideas in a non-judgemental space where each conversation ends with a big smile or a hearty laugh 'until next time'....

This is my mission ~ my hope and my dream. To offer a delightful place to possibly give you that gift ~ that moment that is elusive to most but 100% possible when the time is right! So here's to having multiple "aha" moments together!

Despite the name, everyone is welcome. The overwhelming response to this endeavour has been from women around the world, so as a forever HerbGal myself.. the name came to me and would not go away (lol)

The focus? ONE herb at a time ~ with specifics about women's health.


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