Experience Ideas for our 'Focus Herb'

HerbGals  Experience Ideas

Each of us has the choice regarding the degree to which we want to explore our monthly herb! You may choose to simply attend the discussion or catch the replay,

Or you may decide to embrace it fully with all of the suggested ideas (+ a few of your own!) Or somewhere in the middle. Each herb will have a different gift to give and you will have access to recipe + remedy ideas to get to know the herb better!

Here are some additional ideas:


Locate the herb in the wild (if applicable) + harvest if you find in abundance

Notice how/where it grows. Ensure you have identified it correctly

If our herb is a cultivated/ garden plant, ensure to choose un-sprayed plants.

Maybe the herb is available in a ‘bunch’ in your grocery store (or packaged)

Taste it. Really taste it. What is your impression?

Make a tea with the leaves (or roots etc)

Make the tea with a short infusion + a longer infusion. Taste. Enjoy the tea with friends. The more people you share the tea with, the more information you’ll have!

Keep a notebook -- or binder etc if you like to keep track of all these ideas.

Explore the different ways to enjoy the herb.

Not fond of tea? That’s fine!

Make a few of the recipes, provided, or some of your own choosing.

Keep track (or not) and share with the group. Take pics.

Record the tastes and your impressions.

No time to make stuff? NO problem.

There’s lots to learn about how we can use our plants, when time permits.

You can make but also purchase a tincture of the plant to experiment with daily use.

Notice how you feel. Record.

We will discuss how to make many herbal remedies for internal + topical use.

Make one or more remedies.

Many herbs will be findable at the health food store, infused in products for purchase

You can research the herb, preferably after you have tasted it or experimented with it in some way.

Check out the “Resources” document for some good ideas. I suggest you start with these references as they are more reliable than a general ‘internet search’.

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