Member Experience:

 "Meeting Carol at an herbal conference has been a Godsend! Rosemary Gladstar is a common mentor between us so Carol and I approach herbs in a similar way.

I feel that I can share my herbal insights freely with Herb Gals as it is a welcoming group with Carol as coordinator. I receive personalized assistance from our Herb Gals gathering and private Facebook group as I travel along my herbal journey.

- Sue Letwin

If you love learning about herbs and how you can use plants in your everyday life, in the garden or the kitchen… 

If you want to become more self reliant and save money on caring for your health and wellbeing… 

If you want to connect with other herbalists and share recipes and ideas… 

THIS is the group for you!

Herb Gals is an uplifting fun-filled conversation about herbs.

As a group, we focus on
ONE herb each month and how herbs can be used to support women. 

Community in the company of others ~ for the love of plants!

Practical skills to make remedies, projects + recipes.

Laugh because we all crave a positive place to share ideas.

Member Experience:

"I have been a forager for quite a few years now, and with the skills I learnt over these years I have had many feasts and made a few herbal remedies.

Carol, my wonderful, knowledgeable friend has given me that chance. Her knowledge and passion for herbs is unlimited, and she is willing to share. Her format and classes are inclusive and relaxing. Questions are welcomed and answered.

Whether you are a novice, or an experienced herbalist, the welcome mat is there, and there is something to be learned. Thank you, Carol!

- Jill

Our goal is to build community around the practical study of herbs in an uplifting, easy, accessible and fun way!

Each month, we focus on
a specific herb for our discussions and activities.

You'll be provided with herbal recipes, remedies + project ideas related to each herb.

You'll also be invited to join us on zoom for two online discussions to go deeper into the topic.

(And if you can't attend live, don't worry -- everything is recorded and put into the member vault for you to watch later!) 

Lauren's Experience in Herb Gals!

Here's how it works:

As soon as you join us inside Herb Gals, you'll automatically get access to our member vault.

That's 24 months (and growing) worth of recipes and project ideas to get you going right away!

Each month, you’ll receive an ‘Herbal Highlight’ document for the chosen herb.

This includes an outline with information about the herb to get you started and prompts to help you research and get ready to experiment!

We'll meet twice for our scheduled discussion calls to talk about what we are learning, together!

Each meeting will be facilitated by Carol (or a guest herbalist) who will guide the group discussion, ask + answer questions, and provide additional recipes. 

Throughout the month, you can share your experience and connect with others in our private group.

As you read about the herb, taste it, make a tea, cook with it or bathe in it, you can record your impression and share it with other eager herbalists. 

Member Experience:

My favourite parts of being in the Herb Gals group are the live calls, and all the recipes! It’s inspiring and exciting to learn more about each herb, and chat with everyone about what we’re making. It helps remind me to get to more of the herbal remedies and recipes that I want to try. And it brings a little fun and experimenting into cooking meals as well! 

- Caitlin Vliet

Our mission is to create an enjoyable and inspiring space to discuss herbs.

Herb Gals is a place to share your impressions and experiences of using the herbs. We'll get to know our herbs AND each other better.

Hi, I'm Carol!

Carol Little R.H. is a traditional herbalist in Toronto, Canada, where she has a private practice working primarily with women. She has a unique system for helping her clients integrate holistic healing choices into their lives while helping to move towards optimum health. She is a past board member and current professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association.

Carol has studied with herbalists across the world. She apprenticed with Rosemary Gladstar in the 90’s on Sage Mountain and continued her studies back in Canada with Michael Vertolli at the Living Earth School of Herbalism. She has traveled to countless conferences over the last 25 years and loves to explore her PASSION for the green world daily!

She has written 3 eBooks, written for several herbal publications, contributed to 10+ herbal books including the famed “Fire Cider” book by Rosemary Gladstar & her community.

Carol writes an herb-infused blog filled with seasonal tidbits, helpful hints and ways to embrace herbs and healing foods. Come for a visit  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How much time do I need to participate? 

It’s up to you! Members can attend the meetings and enjoy the discussion and experiment with the chosen herb as they choose, whether it’s simply the 2 hours online monthly or lots more time spent making remedies, recipes or related projects. 

When are the discussion calls and how long do they last? 

The discussion calls are usually scheduled for the 1st and 3rd week of the month, and last for about 60 minutes each

How can I contact you to ask a different question? 

Simply send Carol an email and she'll answer as soon as she is able. You can reach her at: [email protected]

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