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Where to purchase herbs:

Find your local herbalist or herb grower + support them. If you cannot locate a local person to support, there are online options if your local health food store is not an option. Check out Studio Botanica’s resource page for where to buy good herbs’

My favourite herbals (herb books)

Check out this link all about my favourite herbal books

Online Herb Resources:

As we know, the internet is not always a reliable general resource

In general, the first page of google is paid adverts + big pharma type sites, so we need to move farther into the ‘search’ and do try to find sites

written by herbalists.


Here are some of my favourite online herb/herbalist sources:


Studio Botanica -- My own blog.

In addition to the search bar which will take you to specific topics

Do check out the resource area!

The Herbal Academy


American Botanical Council


Plants for a Future (data base)


7Song’s blog


Leslie + Micheal Tierra- 2 blogs in one website


Sharol TIgner (M.D0


Henriette Kress:


Rosalee de la Foret


Robin Harford


S.W. School of Herbal Medicine


United Plantsavers


My Friend Meagan→ focus on children’s health

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